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Inspiration for the engine came via an American made V8. All aluminum construction keeps weight down.

American bike maker Motus has released high-resolution studio images MST sport tourer, as well as a promotional video.


The Motus MST looks just about ready to hit the road.

MST is loaded with sporting features including composite bodywork, a
trellis, single-shock space frame, inverted fully adjustable fork that
uses radially mounted four-piston calipers, and supersport-spec 17-inch

Its direct-injection, 1,645 cc engine claims a minimum of 161 horsepower. The 90-degree V-four engine features single overhead cams and pushrod-actuated valves, a design inspired by the LS7 V8 Corvette engine. 

Claimed dry weight should be around 227 kg (500 lb) and fuel tank capacity is almost 23 litres. Another sport-touring friendly feature is adjustable controls.

A close look at the machine reveals a high level of workmanship, though for now, much of the bike has been handmade.


  1. I’m wondering how you get “single overhead cams” and pushrods in the same engine.

    Actually, I’m a little disappointed by the height of the heads and valve covers on this engine, considering that it is a pushrod design.

  2. Didn’t I see one of these on Craigslist? The chain drive is probably a temporary measure until they get the engine and emissions sorted out.

  3. I am so impressed to see two young guys who are passionate about what they are doing and seeing it through.

    Good for both of you and to everyone who is helping you on your way. I wish you all the success in the world. I would like nothing more than to see North American engineering be successful again!!

  4. Sweet looking bike. Personally, I would have gone with a shaft drive for a “touring” bike (especially one with a transverse V4), but that’s a minor quibble. I hope they sell every one they can make.

  5. Pretty stunning looking motorbike.
    I find it interesting that it is geared toward being a usable sport touring machine as opposed to an extreme performance machine.
    It is somewhat traditional in execution which might help it work fairly well right out of the box.
    I say Congratulations!

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