Call to Arms – ramping up


All we’re asking for is a fair fight on a level playing field. Will you help?

Well this Call to Arms campaigns seems to be gathering some momentum!

Last Friday I was called to do a radio interview with CBC radio who aired the piece on the World Report yesterday. The piece came out really well and I have taken the liberty of adding it to our new "Fair Funding For Independent Canadian Web Publishers" Facebook page.

And since we now have a Facebook page it only seems sensible to start an online petition to see if we can get some public support behind this campaign and let the government know that things need to change before they decimate existing Canadian online-only media.

So please pass this onto friends and family and ask them to support the cause, because without general support I fear that the government will do nothing to change the situation.

Thanks for all your help.

Rob Harris


  1. I wonder if the pulp and paper industry contributes to campaign funding? BC just spent billions on the bobsled and cross-country ski industry.

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