2012 Honda Gold Wing


Honda plays the conservative card with changes to the new Gold Wing.

When the press release of a new model begins by boasting its "sophisticated electronic amenities," you know the changes won’t be revolutionary. But, hey, there are a few other new features, too.

Topping the list of revised items on the 2012 Gold Wing is a new programmable GPS with an improved rider interface, and features a trip planner and online user-sharing capability via a computer. The new GPS also has a brighter screen and a faster satellite connection.

Also new is built-in MP3/iPod connectivity and an 80-watt per channel sound system that incorporates SRS CS Auto technology that promises to provide that home theatre, multi-speaker surround sound experience on the road — for riders that crave that sort of thing.

The bike also gets new bodywork that boasts improved wind protection, especially for the lower body and legs.

Saddlebags have increased in capacity, bumping total storage volume by seven litres to more than 150 litres total including the fairing pockets. Non-airbag models get a cockpit-mounted storage compartment.

Rider and passenger comfort is improved with revised suspension settings, and a more butt-friendly perch that now uses a waterproof urethane seat cover.

Two models will be available and the bike is expected in showrooms this spring.

Canadian pricing has yet to be announced but you can see the new Gold Wing at the Montreal Motorcycle Show this coming weekend.


  1. re 6 speed
    I konw you may find it hard to believe but the wing does weigh a bit less than your car
    but with a much better HP to LB ratio four well spaced ratios would be more than enough for a wing
    6 speeds are like Premium gas in a ZRX, a markleting ploy to make you spend more money to know great advantage
    Johnnie phatt

  2. “So why does my car has one? Low revs and plenty of flat line torque … ”

    Good point. But have you ever met a Gold Wing rider who places a huge value on acceleration? My car has a six speed but I’ll admit to a big spike in power 3/4 the way up the tach and I want the acceleration extra provided by the additional gear.

    If you put a 6-speed in a Gold Wing teh typical rider would be asking, “What are these two extra gears for?” 🙂

  3. [quote]Its not like it needs one. Torque curve is basically a straight line and it doesn’t rev very high compared to other bike engines.[/quote]

    So why does my car has one? Low revs and plenty of flat line torque … I thought that most vehicles benefit from sensibly spaced out 6 speed box. Many owners are craving for one (allegedly), me thinks there’s more to the need. than just revs and torque curve.

  4. Regardless of what you think, it’s impressive to see someone that knows what they’re doing, hustle one through the twisties…

    Embarrassing if you can’t keep up…

    :zzz :p

  5. “The Wing doesn’t have a 6 speed box? … ”

    Its not like it needs one. Torque curve is basically a straight line and it doesn’t rev very high compared to other bike engines.

  6. More like Honda playing the wimpy card. If they were really the leader in this business, we would have seen a new bike with great innovations: 6 speed transmission, electric windshield, dynamic updated styling and more. Instead, we get a major disappiontment. Why retool from old plant to new at insane costs to build basically the same bike. Thats just stupid. Honda was the leader but others will be eating their lunch. If Mr. Honda were alive, intelligent decisions would be made.

  7. If the ST-1300 hasn’t changed since the first production year, I will consider purchasing one about the same time the Dark One claims a Vespa is the best motorcycle he has ever owned.

  8. For all the more-sport-oriented riders that are constantly dissing the Gold Wing, your intolerance is showing… I owned an 1800 Wing when they first came out and enjoyed the bike for the first 25K. However, I eventually sold it simply because, for my needs, 900-plus pounds was just too much weight to put up with in order to get a comfortable touring bike. Still, if you can deal with the weight (and you enjoy all that electronic gimmickry), then as a comfortable, long-distance touring mount, they’re hard to beat. If Honda made a simpler, 4/5 scale version, I’d probably own one.

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