Ducati takes to the high seas


We’d rather ride the bike — really.

In a rather unusual marriage of performance brands, Ducati has entered into a collaboration with Cigarette Racing Team to produce a Ducati-branded powerboat.

The Cigarette Racing 42X Ducati Edition measures 42 feet long, weighs 4,900 kilos, carries 924 litres of fuel and is propelled by a pair of quad-cam turbocharged V8 engines manufactured by Mercury Racing.

These monster motors (pun intended) produce 1,100 horsepower and 1,100 lb-ft of torque — each.

The boat is adorned in red and white Ducati livery, with the Italian firm’s logo embroidered into the seatbacks.


Okay, this part we like.

Features include a GPS speedometer, sea strainer with fresh water flush, a hydraulic cabin door with built-in steps for easy access to the deck and a JL Audio sound system. Options include a swim platform and a Hering Performance propeller upgrade.

Seems that since Ducati pulled its factory effort from World Superbike, they’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend.

No pricing has been announced (surprised?) but if you’re really interested in buying one, you can get more details here.


  1. I saw the Harley Boat yesterday.
    It was featured on “Swampers”
    “Gaaarantee ta git ya Gador”
    Comes with a Gator Hook, Semi Automatic Rifle,and a spool of 1000 lb test line.

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