BMW K1600 prices – updated



Since we reported on BMW Motorrad Canada’s pricing of the K1600GT and GTL tourers yesterday, some changes have been announced. 

The sportier K1600GT MSRP remains unchanged and $24,100, available with the optional Safety Package ($1,100), which includes traction control, tire pressure monitor and the unique adaptive headlight, and the Equipment Package I ($1,400), which includes ESA II suspension, a central locking system and alarm.

The K1600GTL luxo-tourer will now be available fully loaded, including the Safety Package and Equipment Package I (EP I above plus LED fog lights) as standard equipment, all at an MSRP of $29,225 ($2,000 more than announced initially, sans options).

Don’t get sticker shock yet because that’s $950 less than it would have cost if those were still extra-cost options.

We’ll spare you the details of the six-cylinder touring bikes, but you can see them here if you need to refresh your memory.


  1. The R1200R is effectively a naked sport bike now, as were the 1150 and 1100 before it. Neither has classic standard lines. What do you think it competes against? I see it fighting the Ducati monster a lot more than a Triumph Bonneville.
    [url=]BMW K 1600 GTL[/url]
    And MikeW, what you call anachronistic I call classic and traditional. Many of the reasons the BMW inline 6 were made not longer apply, but it’ll be a cold day in hell when they stop making those. But frankly, it would not surprise me these days. Cycles are not nearly the high volume of cars and they could easily have a model respecting their roots to satisfy curmudgeons like me.

  2. Personally, I’d hold off for a couple more years, It’s probably only a matter of time, before they’ll graft two more cylinders onto it, for even more added prestige… :grin


  3. If you cannot afford the bike, get on with it … do not criticize with dumb comments. It IS a hellishly expensive bike. So are decked out Harleys, teddy-bear-carrying Wings etc. etc. In terms of innovation though, give credit where credit is due. Motor on …

  4. I could buy the “market power” notion (all puns intended)if it were evenly applied to the Canadian motorcycle market, but it is not. A case in point: The Ducati Multistrada 1200 S touring (the only Ducati with the touring moniker attached to it) sells for $19995 stateside and $20995 in Canada. Of the crossborder percentage increase varies with other models but we’re talking touring bikes. Oh, it seems the BMW 1600 GTL is now going to cost us $29225 but that price includes irreplaceable goodies such as LED foglights. Alas, still no electric reverse or airbag.

  5. Yikes, that’s still 8.5 X the price of my current sport touring bike. I don’t imagine BMWs losing any sleep since I’m not their target demographic either.

  6. Not much to do with currency strength, really ….. If India sold more of such bikes than US, their MSRP would be lower as well. And Indian currency is nowhere near the strength of US dollar ….

    It’s all about market power. Europe is exception they get hosed on everything, regardless whether they sell more units or not …

  7. That’s just great! Our American cousins get to use their weaker dollar to buy the GTL for less money than we pay for the stripped down GT model. How much stronger does our currency have to become before we see anything remotely resembling price parity with the U.S.?

  8. I will take the ‘pig-thing’, thank-U.. its a proven skooter where as the “bavarian-manure-wagon” is a first year product.. do some history.. every in line 6 cyl skooter has failed after 2-3 years on the market..
    we’ll see??

  9. “The K1200GTL is priced competitively in its class, undercutting the 2010 base model Gold Wing by more that $2,700.”

    K1200GTL ? Typo or did I miss something?

  10. So the high-end one costs marginally more than the Ford F150 I bought last year, and the “low-end” one a fair bit more than our new Mazda3.

    Just sayin’ …

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