New Buell … soon?


It’s hard to figure out much about Buell’s new project from this photo originally released on Facebook.

The boys at Erik Buell Racing are working on something, we know that. They’ve been teasing us through Facebook and other websites for a while now, releasing sneak peeks of a new motorcycle, allegedly a street production machine, the 1190 RS – but that’s all they’ve let out.

Company big cheese Erik Buell himself is making an appearance at a Motorcycle Hall of Fame fundraiser breakfast in Daytona on March 11, and industry scuttlebutt is that he’ll drop a big, fat, juicy load of details then. But who’s to know?

Company reps aren’t saying anything for now (we know because we called them). But they did tell us this much: When asked if whatever project they’re working on will be available in Canada, we were told that "The plan is that it will be a worldwide product."

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.


  1. ‘Different’ doesn’t make it better…

    I never claimed it’s mechanically better. Have you not ever bought a product which was different, because you were sick of the one everyone else was buying and didn’t want to just follow the crowds?

  2. I’ve had all types of bikes, laterly ducatis. I have got a cr1125 and believe me when I say it’s probably the best all round usable bike I’ve ever ridden!

  3. Different appeals to me … especially with something as emotionally involving as a motorbike.
    But for those that don’t like different, there are many safe choices.

    Variety is the spice of life … even if it creates terrific negative energy with some tribes.

  4. “Company reps aren’t saying anything…”

    Reps with an “s”? That sounds plural. I wonder how many “company reps” there are at Buell.

    If he releases something which looks like the second generation 1125R was going to look, then he might have something – if he loses the friggin’ front brake.

  5. As a mechanical engineer, i’m sure you can appreciate how some terrific ideas don’t translate well into the real world. When I was working the Moto-ST series, the vast majority of machines with brake, fire and longevity issues were Buells. And yes, I’ve ridden them…

  6. Actually as a mechanical engineer, both ideas make an incredible amount of sense. And if you rode one you would see what the low center of gravity does to the handling.

  7. Hopefully he’ll get rid of that dumb-*ss perimeter front brake and fuel in the frame stuff that he seems so fond of, but I somehow doubt it…

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