2012 Honda Gold Wing


Have Honda engineers been working on a new Gold Wing? Find out soon.

Attentive CMGers may have noticed that Honda Canada does not have a 2011 Honda Gold Wing listed on its website (enough 2010 models were built to carry over until the next model line).

Combine that tidbit of info with the fact that ’Wing production recently moved from Marysville, Ohio to Kumamoto, Japan, and one can only come to the conclusion that we’ll soon be seeing a new Gold Wing.

Honda began producing the Gold Wing at the U.S. facility in 1979 with the 1980 GL1100, the first new GL model since the GL1000 was introduced in 1975.

The machine experienced numerous generational changes before production was put on hiatus in 2009, including a bump to 1,200 cc in its original flat-four configuration, and then to 1,500 cc with an entirely new flat-six engine. In 2001 it got its last increase in displacement to 1,800 cc, in a layout it maintained until the most current model.

Japanese production of the 2012 models began this year, and although we’d love to tell you we know more about the upcoming Gold Wing, all we do know is that we’ll have all the details on Monday, February 21st.

We’re hoping it’s an entirely new machine, but we won’t know until Monday, so stay tuned.


  1. It seems abundantly clear that Honda stopped building the Goldwing in 09 because they just couldn’t sell them having priced themselves out of the market. Now that they are moving production back to Japan the price will almost certainly climb higher still! It is an extravagant mystery.

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