New rally for Moncton?


Moncton will embrace just about anything – even global warming concerns.

Could the Atlanticade motorcycle rally be getting some new competition?

The city of Moncton let the east coast’s biggest motorcycle rally slip away last year to St. Andrews, N.B. after the city couldn’t guarantee the event wouldn’t be competing with one of Moncton’s summer mega-concerts.

But, the Times and Transcript newspaper reports that there may be a replacement festival in the works. According to the article, motorcycle clubs and dealerships across the city are talking about running a new rally this summer, probably around the August 19-21 weekend.

That’s long after Atlanticade’s July 6-10 run, and before the Digby, N.S. Wharf Rat Rally, which runs Aug. 31 – Sept. 5.

It seems the Moncton show will get more support from city council than other shows such as, for instance, Sturgis North; in fact, Moncton mayor George LeBlanc has already been praising the idea of a new rally.


  1. At least Moncton and St Andrews realize that bikers spend money…  Not like Bathurst where they are trying to ROB you of your money with a NOISE by-law. 

  2. Keep politicians out of organising a rally and it will be a success. They only want to fill there coffers at our expense. There are more smaller rallies around that are fun.

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