Two Motorbooks releases


Motorcycle Touring Bible, $33.

If you’re tired of shovelling snow and just want to ride your bike, sorry, winter isn’t over yet.

But if you can read, you can still hit the road, at least in a literary sense, with a couple new books published by Motorbooks International.

The Motorcycle Touring Bible by Fred Rau might have a pretentious title but consider this: Rau’s been into motorcycle journalism for 35 years, including stints at Wing World and Road Rider. He’s also founder of Motorcycle Consumer News, has over a million miles under his belt, and operates an adventure tour company in California.

So, we figure his book’s advice on how to weather such road trip killjoys as crashes, breakdowns, arrests, and even divorce, should be worthy. 

Long-time motorcycling authors Dain Gingerelli, James Manning Michels and Charles Everitt got together with Cycle World magazine to publish 365 Motorcycles You Must Ride


365 Bikes You Must Ride, $24.

In it, the authors present an eclectic assortment of machines that they feel the feel we need to ride, including bikes from such manufacturers as Boss Hoss, Matchless, Sunbeam, Gurney, Bimota, Amazonas, and Derbi, among dozens of others.

Not stuff you’ll likely find at your local dealership’s demo days, and probably not for sale at a low, low price on Kijiji, perhaps, but the authors’ collective experience through decades of motorcycling should still catch your attention — anybody with that much experience should be able to write about motorcycling with passion.

Both books are available through Canadian online booksellers and usually sell for less than retail. Motorcycle Touring Bible lists at $32.99; 365 Motorcycles You Must Ride at $23.99, both prices are in Canadian dollars.

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