Free parking in Edmonton


View of Jasper Avenue, where bikes will soon park for free. Image: Google Earth

If you commute by motorcycle in downtown Edmonton, your life will soon be getting a little easier.

The Edmonton Journal is reporting today that the city of Edmonton will designate two areas in the downtown core where motorcyclists can park their bikes for free.

The two areas, one located on 104th Avenue, west of 100th Street, and one on Jasper Avenue between 107th and 108th Streets, will be marked for motorcycle use. They are not dedicated parking lots but rather empty spaces beside buildings and along curbs.

The spaces were already being used by motorcyclists jumping the curb to park, but at the risk of being ticketed. The city will now allow this practice instead of ticketing, in an effort to encourage the use motorcycles, which produce fewer emissions and use less parking space than cars. The program will take effect this spring.

You can read the full story here.


  1. Does this mean they’ll now forgive the parking ticket (for sneaking into the end of a car spot) I got there 8 years ago? I didn’t pay, and now am afraid to go back to Alberta for fear that they’ll throw me in jail…

  2. The article would make more sense to Edmontonians if the streets and avenues are correct. It is Jasper Ave, and probably 104 Ave. The numbered streets run north and south, numbered avenues east and west in Edmonton.

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