Campagna Motors V13R


Canadian manufacturers have a thing for three wheelers.

Montreal-based Campagna Motors, makers of the T-Rex three wheeler, are adding a new model to the lineup, the V13R.

The V13R is more car-like in appearance than the T-Rex, and it’s also topless. Harley-Davidson’s 60-degree V-Rod V-twin, claiming 122 hp, will propel the fibreglass-bodied roadster.

Under the ’glass is a tubular steel frame and swingarrm and the five-speed gearbox drives a 295-mm wide rear tire via belt.

Cockpit controls include a steering wheel, and automotive gearshift knob and pedals, including a clutch pedal.


Car like up top, motorcycle-like below.

This is likely why the maker claims a passenger car licence is all that is needed to drive the V13R, without the additional instruction needed for the BRP Spyder (in Quebec).

Colours include black, red, silver, white and orange and MSRP is a scant $47,999.

If you feel you need the stability of more wheels but find four are too many, you can get more info here.


  1. “Almost 1200 lbs and 122HP … Wow :roll”

    Its gonna be a snoozer for sure. Of all the engine choices, why not put in something with some balls?

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