Suzuki's baby B-King


Suzuki GW250 baby B-King.

Suzuki has a very interesting entry-level 250 naked bike for 2011, but unfortunately it is being built for other markets.

First shown at the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibit last October, the Indonesian-made Suzuki GW250, being dubbed the baby B-King by international media, uses an entirely new 250 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin that is fuel injected and produces a claimed 26 horsepower.

Styling cues are borrowed from the B-King, though the GW250’s lines are smoother.

The bike is currently being sold in Brazil and China and has just been confirmed for India. It is also rumoured to be going to Europe later in 2011 or 2012. The bike will reportedly sell in India for Rs100,000 ($2,170 CDN).

A decent photo of the bike isn’t yet available, but there is this video from the Chinese motorcycle show.



  1. Part of the reason why the Honda CBR125R was able to sell here at an attractive price point was because if the fact that it is manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand … and wasn’t the WeeBur the best selling new model in Canada a couple years ago? The new CBR250R is also manufactured in Thailand, again part of the reason Honda can make it competitive price-wise with the Ninja 250R.
    The notion that there isn’t a market for reasonably priced, smaller displacement M/C’s in North Am. is total B.S.! They just have to be priced cheaper than their larger displacement counterparts …

  2. Why do you guys play the card “If it costs x amount in India it should sell/convert to as much in CAD …”???? (the Europeans could tell you a thing or two about it) It’s just silly and not how things work in international trade/business. Also you live in a country where certain parameters/things are demanded …. lets just say that Canadian MTO is not on par with Indian MTO.

    Not mentioning the fact that it’s manufactured in Indonesia, so the bike will be always significantly cheaper to sell in the region.

  3. Before anyone pooh, pooh’s the immigration of any of the overseas-available 250cc Bikes into the Canadian market, remember that Kawi’s Ninja 250R is the BEST selling model in North America … and Honda’s new CBR250R is sure to do well in that market niche too … and if so, it will only be a matter of (a short) time before Suzuki and Yamaha jump on that band wagon too …

  4. well, many of those Asian markets have laws limiting engine displacement for motorcycles. Sure they will go to China and India first, where they can sell thousands of these bikes.
    I think insurance rates are much bigger obstacle for young riders that “lack” of beginner models.

  5. I can’t see there ever being a legitimate market for under-$5000.00 “beginner-bikes” in Canada until the yearly insurance costs for younger riders more fairly represent the (lower) cost of their bikes.

  6. I don’t believe smaller bikes will ever sell in North America in any significant numbers unless there are “learner laws” that restrict new riders to small displacement machines.

  7. I thought this was CANADIAN motorcycle guide. Quit teasing me with neat-o little buzz-bombs that we can’t get here, I’m frustrated enough already looking out my window at the snow, knowing that I can’t even ride the bike that I COULD get here.


  8. Its liquid cooled and fuel injected, what more would it take to make it MOT approved ? Maybe a muffler and a different CDI box ?
    The main issue, as I see it, is that unless the U.S. wants it no one here in Canada will step up. Honda did it with the CBR125R, but it was a whole lot easier when the Americans decided to take the CBR250R.
    Send a note to the mavens at Suzuki Canada, what’s the worst that could happen ???

  9. Ok…so this bike sells for $2200CDN in India…but somehow, selling it here for 3k more than that…ie, the price of the TU250…would be a money loser? How is that possible? $3000 in emissions upgrades?

  10. Why do they not bring in the GSR650 as well, basically the updated Bandit 650S…GSX650F naked version…and did we get the GSR750 that was talked about a few months ago? I didn’t see one at the bike show..

    Suzuki is missing the 750-800cc size bikes, with the exception of the GSX-R 750…but a SS isn’t in the cards for me…I guess if I want a naked bike, I go for the B-King or over to Yamaha FZ8??


  11. I agree totally … we need to get more of these over-seas 250cc Bikes over here! Another thing besides the new-Rider market is the fact that all of the Motorcycle Training Programs in country have significant parts of their Training Fleets that are aged Bikes … that will ultimately need replacing …
    I like that new ‘Zuke! Kinda reminds me of a smaller-displacement Gladius!

  12. Yet another entry level machine that no one in North America has the nuggets to get approved and import.
    If the distributors don’t/won’t get new riders into our sport, who will ? Help me out here, what am I missing ?

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