Givi tank bag; Reevu helmet

Givi EasyLock tank bag 


Givi EasyLock system allows solid mounting and easy removal.

If you’re tired of fastening your tank bag with tangled straps or scratch-inducing magnets,  luggage maker Givi has a solution for you. 

The TPH02 EasyLock tank bag fastens to a model-specific bracket mounted to your gas tank’s filler cap flange and is designed to lock into place with a little pressure and release with a simple pull of a lever.

The semi-rigid bag is thermo-formed to keep its shape and includes an iPod pocket. Storage capacity is four litres.

The EasyLock bag retails for $99, though you’ll also need the mounting ring, sold separately for $17. Visit Givi Canada for more info.

Reevu MSX1 helmet


Reevu helmet with incorporated rear-view mirror available soon.

Do you ever wish you had eyes on the back of your head? Aftermarket distributor Altman International will offer the next best thing with the Reevu MSX1 helmet.

The Reevu MSX1 features a polycarbonate rear-view mirror that combines with a viewing port in the back of the helmet to give you a heads-up display of what’s behind you. It’s supposed to make it a lot easier to check your tail while riding.

The Reevu MSX1 should be arriving sometime in May and will be available in solid colours including gloss black, matte black, silver and titanium for $399, and with graphics for $479. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

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