New road stories from Peart


Keep your eyes peeled for Peart’s new story collections, coming this spring

Do you like Rush? The Canadian band, not the feeling of exhilaration you get from cracking your motorcycle’s throttle.

If perchance you like both those things, you should be interested in a new book release coming to market soon by Neil Peart, drummer for Rush and well-known motorcycle enthusiast.

Peart’s new book is a collection 22 adventures under the title Far and Away: A Prize Every Time, that  spans everything from motorcycle trips to band tours to moments from Peart’s home life.

So don’t expect non-stop two-fisted bike tales. But, given Peart’s passion for motorcycling as well as his skilled writing (he’s only sold a few million albums as Rush’s lyricist), we figure the book will be worth a read when it comes out this spring by ECW Press.

If you’re especially anxious to see what it’s all about, you can already pre-order the 260-page collection on Amazon.


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