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New Guzzis coming soon?


The Moto Guzzi V7 Scrambler is more a styling exercise than a true off-roader — but it sure is pretty.

Moto Guzzi has released tidbits of information and new images of the two classically styled machines shown during a dealer presentation in Monte Carlo.


The California is to use a 1,400 cc engine.

The California model has an entirely new engine displacing 1,400 cc. Specs are absent but the bike is said to have a large fuel tank that wraps around new valve covers.

Also new are wheels, suspension and brakes, which include twin large-diameter front discs and radial-mount calipers.

The V7 Scrambler is based on the V7 Classic chassis and features a 750 cc
V-twin. Steel-rimmed spoke wheels mount a 17-inch rear and 18-inch front
tire and the integrated headlight nacelle/instrument panel recalls the
175 Lodela model of the late 1950s. The bike pictured features twin high
pipes made by Arrow. 

We’ll have more info as it becomes available, in the meantime enjoy the pics.


  1. The big news here, isn’t whether you find the new styling of the big bore California to one’s liking, it’s the motor.

    It appears to be water cooled, utilizing a narrow, very tall radiator and superficial finning. The styling is fine on this displayed prototype, it suits it’s segment, however this all new powerplant will be retuned and used in other models.

    Piaggio is investing heavily in keeping this marque alive, rejoice !


  2. The Guzzi V7 Classic and Cafe are both beautiful lookin’ Bikes … competing looks-wise with Triumph’s Bonneville and Thruxton … but that V7 Scrambler just ain’t cuttin’ it … the Bonneville-based Scrambler seems to have that 70’s “Steve McQueen” look down that the Guzzi just hasn’t been able to capture.
    I won’t comment on the M.G. California other than to say it ain’t my cuppa …

  3. I like the look of these bikes and the only negative comment i have is the amount of NEGATIVE comments in these comment sections.Come on rider’s try and enjoy the many choices we have in bikes and the varied taste and style of the people buying and riding them.Enjoy the look of someone else’s ride and be happy that there not all the same.

  4. what a lump of crap.. return to your original purpose in life… designing/building farm machinery and forget about trying to build scooters.

  5. Both of the pictured bikes look like abortions to me.

    The scrambler is just awkward – the styling doesn’t work with a longitudinal 90 degree v-twin, IMO.

    The other one – are they serious about those cylinder heads? It looks worse than an Excelsior-Henderson or some of the earlier Victory bikes.

  6. BMW started this movement when it required lumpy tires for its mid sized bikes.
    Seems every other manufacturer said mmmmm and decided to use them. HD put them on their Dyna Fat Bob even !
    Im not sure what was wrong with the old standard Dunlop Universal Tread cause those actually worked well, but I guess didn’t have the visual appeal.
    Tyres make the man I guess.

    Now for you Italian Marque Lovers … WTF is going on with those pipes ? No Italian Designer would ever come up with that awkward series of bends !!! Come on now … They should follow the curves of Sophia L ..or at least Gina Lolabridgida … :cry

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