New classic Guzzis leaked


Kinda looks like BMW’s R1200C, no?

Moto Guzzi dealers recently got a sneak peek at the company’s 2012 line in Monte Carlo, and now you can too.

Thanks to someone’s camera phone, grainy pictures of Moto Guzzi’s all-new 2012 V7 California and Scrambler (based on the existing V7) have made it to the web via

The bikes both have fans talking, but the California is especially generating interest. The Guzzi cruiser appears to be sporting a new engine with unusually tall cylinder heads, and some are speculating it has water cooling.

The Scrambler doesn’t look like it’s intended to see any real off-road action, but looks ready to compete with the Triumph Scrambler. Stay tuned!


  1. The R1200C was the ugliest bike ever built. This Guzzi looks nothing like it.

    On the other hand, as Mr. X has pointed out, its just more of the same pigs ear offered up as a silk purse.

  2. All that’s bad about HD can be applied to Guzzi. Unless it’s a V7 (is that a V8 with a spare cylinder just in case) then why bother.

    So they take an overweight and out of date lump, put in upswept pipes, and call it a Scrambler ? That’s been done by too many others.

  3. Am a big fan of the Guzzi V7 Classic and Cafe … nice to see M.G. mixing it up a little … but they gotta stay air-cooled dagnabbit!! Don’t want them goin’ all “V-Rod” on us!!

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