Safer bikes


Sure, the Saferider system sounds interesting, but just try retrofitting it to your 1926 Ariel single.

Your mother may have always said you were going to kill yourself riding that motorcycle, but the BBC has some sweet words for her ears; that’s going to be a lot harder in the future.

According to the British news service, the Saferider system under development in the UK will help keep a rider safe with such useful features as speed limit warnings, information about tight curves, and even an impending collision – just in case you didn’t see that blue-haired granny who just pulled in front of you.

Sounds like a pie-in-the-sky idea? Think again. Proof of concept tests for the system are already underway on simulators and the street by industry group Mira, who claim systems could be ready for consumers in as little as two years.

Systems under testing right now use lasers, radar, helmet cameras, a vibrating seat (?), and onboard computer so you can avoid such mundane tasks as shoulder and mirror checks.



  1. [i]Saferider system under development in the UK will help keep a rider safe[/i]

    The only safe system I am interested in is one that stops drivers
    from using the cell phone or texting while they drive.

  2. There’s a good chance my departed mother was pillion on a 1926 Ariel or very similar in her youth. When I was a kid she told me it was her favourite way to travel the roads of the highlands.
    So I think I would be home free on that score if she were still around.

  3. For people so concerned with safety why don’t they just develop a new game controller for Wii and PS3 with a pair of handlebars and a muffin fan to blow wind in your face for that ultimate sense of realism!

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