Victory High Ball


The fifties all over again.

Seems the bare-bones-black bobber is the styling flavour of the month, as Victory introduces the High Ball.

A matte black finish, ape-hanger handlebar, shorty front fender and 16-inch white walls mounted on black rims define this Wild Ones throwback.

Victory didn’t skimp on the powertrain, using the ultra-torquey, long-stroke 106 Freedom V-twin, mated to a six-speed gearbox.

Claimed dry weight is 300 kg (659 lb), though it won’t be hard holding it up at a stop with its super-low 635 mm (25 inch) seat height.

Canadian MSRP is $15,059 and the High Ball should be in dealers in April.

More info can be found on Victory’s website.


  1. Victory riders can once again say eat my dust.. 106 cu inches of screaming power on a 659lb bike.. should be able to leave the HD attitude far far behind ….Victory motorcycles converting one american motorcycle group member at a time … and ladies now there is power to go with a 25 inch high seat… my heart is beating faster already…

  2. I was hoping for something a little more innovative. Nice price point though. I believe Harley’s pulling the Cross Bones out of the line up for next year so maybe this will take it’s place.

  3. U.S. MSRP for the High Ball is $13,499 … with our dollar essentially at par with the U.S. greenback, why the $2K diff in price?

    Nice Bike though!

  4. Could someone have a word with the ‘powers that be’ at Polaris/Victory and get them to hire some new designers ?
    I swear they build some of the fugliest motorcycles on the planet…

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