New Alpinestar boots


S-MX Plus boots – a big upgrade from those old work boots you started riding in. BTW, socks are not to scale, unless sizes range from Sasquatch to pygmy.

Want a new pair of roadracing boots? Alpinestars is bringing a new set to the market in 2011.

The S-MX Plus boots feature a Multi Link Control system to manage movement, providing safety during a crash. The boots also come with a replaceable toe slider, an inner Kevlar speed lacing closure, and a tire-inspired outsole – but good luck doing a burnout with them.

Always the thoughtful ones, Alpinestars has also brought out a new pair of socks to accompany the boots.

The Road Racing Summer Socks, made from Coolmax fabric, have been designed to work with Alpinestars boots to provide a superior fit, supposedly. They certainly look better than the pair that Grandma knits and puts under the Christmas tree for you every year…


  1. Hey kml check out Daytona’s line of race boots, if you haven’t already.
    Replaceable lefts or rights as well as inners and outers.
    Bit pricey but hey, not cheap plastic either!

  2. I refuse to pay the ungodly cost of these plastic shoes seeing as they will undoubtedly be “unresoleable”.

    If you can’t replace the soles and it’s not made from real leather it’s over priced Tupperware.

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