Top 22 pics of Dakar


There’s lots more where this came from.

If the end of the 32nd Dakar rally last week has left you with the mid-winter blues, cheer up – you can still get a warm and fuzzy feeling by checking out some of the press’s best photos of the race through South American sand dunes and deserts courtesy of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

BTW, just in case you live in a cave, Marc Coma won the motorcycle portion of the 5,976 mile rally last weekend.



  1. Bondo,
    You have a choice in what you decide to read or not read. The answer is simple… if you see a topic that you already know holds no fascination to you… whether it be Harley-Davidson, or Nascar, or Dakar… DON’T CLICK ON IT! Readers comments are meant to add to the dialogue. Think constructive criticism… as is demonstrated in the above posts… and work on your tolerance to diversity.
    The Dakar is full of drama. It has resulted in many deaths over it’s history. To me, it ranks as one of the most serious professional and amateur motorsports challenges… up there with the IOM TT. Don’t dismiss it so casually. It is an insult.

  2. The same guys who are bagging on me for this are likely the same ones spouting off on the forum about Harleys, cruisers, NASCAR or whatever else they’re not into. Once again, seems like everyone is entitled to YOUR opinion.
    And, unlike the goose liver incident, I didn’t say CMG shouldn’t run it or the rally should be banned – just my personal take that I’m not into it.

  3. I saw highlights of last years rally pics too, and the landscape there is spectacular. I’d love to get down there.

    Bondo notwithstanding, this rally has the potential to be a hugely compelling reality TV show. Filmed in HD, it would be like The Amazing Race, just with real athletes. To be successful, in my opinion, it needs drama created, with real focus on the racers involved. If viewers could get to know the racers in the days leading up to the rally, favourites could be identified, rivalries exposed, drama created!! That’s why ball and stick sports are successfull. We know everything about ball & stick athletes, which makes it possible to envy, respect or hate them. To most North Americans, motorsport racers are just faceless thrill seekers with a death wish.

  4. I wouldn’t be so hard on poor ol’ Bondo. Readers comment sections are full of similar posts by, apparently, compulsive readers who cannot stop themselves from clicking on articles/subjects that have no interest to them. I want to make it clear… I really appreciate the Dakar news (especially now that the TV coverage is non-existent). Dakar is a remarkable test of man/machine and the scenery is other-worldly. What else is there to get me through the long winter? Keep up the great reporting.

  5. maybe “BONDO” hasn’t evolved far enough up the life chain to comprehend cross country racing?? Hang in there ole chap, the light will brighten one day..

  6. Bondo, I would have felt the same as you for years, until I watched Dust to Glory. That got me hooked on off-road motorcycling.

  7. Bondo,
    Are you suggesting that if you are not interested in an article, that it has no merit? Please excerise your right NOT to read (articles that do not interest you).

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