Terblanche joins Norton


Terblanche was responsible for the 999. Is this a good thing for Norton?

Norton Motorcycles has announced that designer Pierre Terblanche, formerly of Piaggio and before that Ducati, will join them to help develop future models.

Stuart Garner, CEO of Norton, said, “Combining his flair for original concepts with Norton’s sporting traditions, will allow us to create a range of motorcycles bearing the historic Norton badge that will be unlike anything in the marketplace.” Anyone who’s laid eyes on the first Multistrada will know what he’s talking about.

Originally hailing from South Africa, Terblanche is most famous for his time as the head of design for Ducati. Aside from the Multistrada, his portfolio there also included the Supermono, Super Sport, Hypermotard, Sport Classics, and the 999, one of the most polarizing designs in motorcycling history.

Since ceasing production in 1975, the Norton brand has had a turbulent history, part of it even landing in the hands of troubled Canadian businessman Nelson Skalbania for a short period.

Garner consolidated Norton ownership in 2008 and delivered the first Commando 961, an air-cooled parallel twin, in March of 2010.



  1. *sigh* the 999 was the ugly duckling in the superbike range. Everytime I see one, I ask “why?” Thank goodness for the 1198/848 replacing it.

  2. A finer and better performing motorcycle than the one pictured has yet to be produced.

    The Editors’ recognition of the pinnacle of motorcycle design is to be applauded.

    The “S” models were even finer and more pinnacle-like.


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