Dream that possible dream


You should also take a portable DVD player on your trip!

So, you’re an adventure biker anxious for a trip across the continent, or better, the world. You’ve got your dual-sport kitted out for the trip with panniers, windshield, GPS, and bash plate. You’ve sharpened your riding skills with hours on- and off-road and saved your money for food, accommodations, gas and parts along the way.


The Achievable Dream DVD series is filled with first-hand information about round-the-world adventure riding.

But wait, there’s another tool on the market now for ambitious round-the-world adventure types, but it’s not what you’d expect. Instead of a miracle tire-changing gadget, web-based riding group Horizons Unlimited is offering something far more useful: a new DVD series.

The five DVD set, called the Achievable Dream series, covers all the important aspects of adventure riding, from trip preparation and packing tips, to discussion of how to deal with the strain of long periods of time on the road.

There’s a DVD focused entirely on tire-changing, and for those women out there who want to try adventure riding but are intimidated by the risks involved, the fourth DVD in the series, titled Ladies on the Loose, has first-hand stories from globetrotting women like Tiffany Coates and Lois Pryce.

We at CMG haven’t had a chance to view the DVDs yet, but the global riding community seems to like the videos.

Cost is $139 for all five videos, although single DVDs can also be purchased. We’ve included the series trailer below, but more information, including more trailers, is available at Horizon Unlimited’s website.

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