BPG Motors Uno III


Motorcycle mode.

Benjamin P. Gulak has a wild imagination when it comes to designing vehicles. The 21-year-old Canadian is the inventor of the unusual yet functional Uno and Shredder.

The Uno uses twin wheels and rides like a unicycle, while the Shredder uses twin rubber tracks and is ridden somewhat like a land-based jet-ski.

His imagination hasn’t faltered, as he has just produced the Uno III, a three-wheeled electric vehicle that uses a single front wheel and two closely coupled rear wheels that when extended make the Uno III handle like a motorcycle.

Yes, we said when extended, because the wheels are retractable and the Uno III can transform from motorcycle to unicycle while riding.  


Transformer mode.

With its wheels retracted the Uno III uses gyroscopic control systems to keep it balanced like a unicycle, the front wheel tucked away in the bodywork.

This low-speed mode is said to be very manoeuvrable and ideal for urban commuting. The maker claims that in this mode the Uno III can fit into an elevator.

Not much more information is available on the Uno III but you can follow it’s development at bpg-motors.com. 


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