Electric racer gets podium


The bike also doubles up for pizza delivery.

With his GSX-R750-framed SWIGZ.COM electric powered motorcycle able to deliver an impressive maximum of 194 HP and 295 ft/lbs of torque at the shaft, AMA Pro Racer Chip Yates is proving that these green motorcycles aren’t just quick — they’re plain fast!

They’re also competitive enough to win races against their fuel-burning cousins.

On January 10, Chip podiumed twice with a 3rd in WERA Heavyweight Twins Superbike and a 2nd in WERA Heavyweight Twins Superstock, their 6-lap formats well suited to the electric bike’s range limitation (due to current battery technology).

He also recorded the fastest lap in the second race with a 1:39.792 around Auto Club Speedway and was clocked whirring down the straight at 158 mph.

Watch the video here, though the high pitched hum down the straight seems to be lacking somehow …

For more info about Chip Yates and the SWIGZ.COM Electric Superbike, see www.chipyates.com


  1. Damn, sorry that would have been my error. Bringing three new news contributors up to speed this week as well as all the usual chaos (plus) so I’ve been making a few errors.


    Should back to the usual, err, professional standards in a week or two.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. Fer F*cks Sake, your headline is completely and totally misleading. This bike did NOT win any of the races to which you referred.

    Sorry to say this but, once again, I find the “CMG STAFF” credibility severely lacking.

  3. What is the point? The regular bikes have to adhere to well established technical rules to equalize their performance. If a turbo charged 350 running exotic fuels turned up, he would not be able to compete. There are no bragging rights here, only a curiousity. Perhaps it would be of interest to the from the driveway to the coffee shop bikers. Their bikes are the only ones big enough to carry a massive array of storage cells.

  4. We can re-address once the battery storage technology exists and electricity falls freely from the sky as lightning in sufficient quantities. My point was that he brought an gun to a knife fight, and could only run 6 laps before running out of juice.
    How long does it take for a re-charge, where does the electricity come from, and how does one improve range ?
    Once someone figures out there’s profit in it, the technology will definitely improve, I’m certain of that BUT electrics aren’t there yet…

  5. I think it takes a certain lack of imagination to not be a little excited by this new (did I say new?) electric motivational trend.
    As always, many seem determined to cast a negative haze over any new development. The pathetic follower mentality revealed yet again.
    I’m sure, considering the already large gains in battery technology, the energy storage issue will soon be in the past.

  6. He’s racing an 194hp electric against twins, so unless the thing weighs 600lbs he SHOULD be competitive !
    Once again, lack of range rears its ugly head as an issue.
    Electrics aren’t there yet, IMHO…

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