2012 pricing – BMW and MV Agusta


BMW’s K1600GTL will go for $27,225.

BMW and MV Agusta have announced pricing for their 2011 models.

BMW’S new 6 cylindered K1600GTs can be had for $24,100 for the standard version or $27,225 for the lower and more plush seating (with audio system) K1600GTL.

The revised naked R1200R goes for $15,100 (+$150 on the 2010 model) and the revamped G650GS can be had for $8,800 (up only$50 on the 2010).

MV Agusta, whose bikes will appear on Canadian shores for the first time in 2011 have announced pricing for the F4 ($19,995), Brutale 990R ($16,995) and the Brutale 1090 RR ($18,995). All these bikes will be available in the spring of 2011.

There’s also a new Brutale (details of which are not given) that will be released in the summer of 2011 for $15,595. Oh, and the all new 2012 F3 has still to be priced but won’t be available until early 2012.


  1. If you compare new prices I suppose. Up until about 10yrs ago, I always refused to buy used cars. Makes no sense now with depreciation on all makes about the same. 2 yrs old = range 4cyl car.

  2. i’m exactly the opposite….i look at the prices of cars these days (even compact/small toyotas, hondas, hyundais, etc) and think to myself that i’d rather spend that money on a REALLY nice motorcycle!!! is there something wrong with me? 😉

  3. Even if I hit the jackpot and could afford a $20-30k motorcycle, I’d still be more inclined to get great used low miles with warranty euro convertible at that point. (see aging rider JD Power news)

  4. Add in the insurance, and I wouldn’t have any idea why they can’t get new riders in…

    $24 grand??? Hell, that’s a downpayment on a house, or a REALLY good used car…

    Obviously, I’m not the target market….

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