D.I.Y. police work


Ehsan Ghebrai
Photo: LinkedIn

According to a Toronto Star article, when
Toronto lawyer Ehsan Ghebrai reported his ZX10R stolen on December 9th the responding officer told Ghebrai that they did not
have the resources to send an investigator and told him that he should investigate himself!

Instead of waiting for an officer to come and launch an investigation he was given a number of suggestions for investigating its
disappearance for himself such as asking for the parking garage surveillance tapes, and scouting the
neighbourhood in case the thieves had dumped it. 

During follow up by a Toronto Star reporter, Insp Howie Page of 52 division was surprised to hear what Gebrai had
said. “ We do not want citizen’s to do their own investigations,” Page
said Wednesday. “ It is our job to do.”
No word on whether Ghebrai has been notified by police that they’d like to start doing their job now, but he has notified his insurance company and hopes to be on the road on a new bike when the riding season begins.


  1. Note to self – If you ever have to report that your motorcycle was stolen claim that there are a dozen doughnuts in the tank bag.

  2. Oh almost forgot another part of that call-in to the police about the vandals…I said “if I were to go over and approached those brats, and one of them mouthed off at me, I can’t gaurantee that I wouldn’t give them a good smack in the teeth” Only then did the “phone-cop” find her assertiveness to warn me that I would promptly be charged with assault if I did. Funny…I was totally done with them at that point. If I said up front I was going there to smack ’em around and teach them some respect, the police might have actually come!

  3. With cops today at 5’6” and woman shorter than that why are you surprised cop show up late if they do. It’s a gay parade 30 years ago to be a cop you had to fill some requirement like being 6 feet tall etc…
    Anyway that’s my opinion you can call the cops or gay écoute.

  4. about a 2 years ago some teenagers were vandalizing the memorial park hedges and flower beds across the street from my house. I call the police to intervene, and they expected me to go out and talk to them! I said “No F’n Way! Whose house do YOU think they’re going to trash in the very near future!” The more taxes we pay, the less we get for it!

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