B.C. using law to seize bikes


"Do I hear a hundred for the Honda?"

Two Honda motorcycles that police say were involved in a Vancouver area race may be seized by the province through a civil action.

A story in the Vancouver Sun newspaper says the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Act might be used by the provincial government to take the bikes from two men who police stopped for speeding in October.

The bikes would be sold and law enforcement officials would keep the proceeds, says the Sun. A 2006 law states that vehicles can be taken and sold if a civil court finds that they were driven in a way that could hurt people.

But several agencies are annoyed by this and say criminal prosecutions and fines or imprisonment should be used to deal with criminal driving actions.

Punishments such as losing an extremely costly car or even an expensive motorcycle might not be proportional to a crime that, in the good ol’ days, would have resulted in a $200 fine, they say.

See the complete story in the Sun.


  1. oh so rider68 you were following them ? so how fast were you going ?
    I was followed by a driver who said I made 8 lane changes in a 3 block distance all the while going faster than car trafic.I was on the sport ute of bikes a supermoto.I used hand signals & turn signals he mentioned this as he ranted at me,I never should’ve stopped for my haircut!! by the way one short of the bigs eh rider

  2. These two bozos hit speeds of 200kph on busy streets, ran stop signs, weaved in and out of traffic, you name it. They definitely recklessly endangered the public. But I say let them keep their motorcycles. Just put them through a garbage compactor first.

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