2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R on hold


Kawasaki to potential ZX-10R buyers: Hold that thought.

For reasons that have not been revealed, Kawasaki has placed the new ZX-10R on a technical hold.

Bikes currently in dealers cannot be sold and bikes already delivered are being taken back from buyers for a full refund.

The reason for this drastic measure has not been revealed other than what was stated in the official press release.

According to the press release, "The company is proactively addressing a remedy which reflects Kawasaki’s commitment to excellence and its relationships with its highly valued customers and dealer network."

Unsold units will be returned to Kawasaki warehouses in their respective markets and redistributed once the company is "100 percent confident they reflect company standards for this highly technical, race-bred machine."

Owners must return machines already delivered for a refund and will be first in line to be offered new machines for purchase once the technical hold has been lifted.

The technical hold affects units worldwide.



  1. Rumour has it that intial production units were suffering abnormally rapid cylinder wear and resulting high oil consumption. Because hey weren’t sure whether it was a cylinder coating, piston or ring issue the Big K decided to recall all units until a suitable repair was found. Hats off to them for not leaving the units out there – it sucks if you had taken delivery BUT better that than a bad rap right out of the box…?

  2. t fixed, now legal you fix.
    what a bout it? why the secrets? this bike is punk! not special and getting notorious with these posts. i am not buying. i think this may be spin!

  3. Legal does not fool around anymore, do they? Wow! Big brother is coming, wow. Unless a super idiotic flaw is inherent, what is this secrecy recall about? We are intelligent bikers, have a brain, can decipher information and actually think. AM 640 radio, Conspiracy the Truth will be Told. Support and listen to George Noory, Great Radio. Now the truth will be revealed, about the Kawi.

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