No more Buell name


Erik Buell ponders a change-of-name form.

In the January issue of Motorcyclist magazine, an interview with Erik Buell notes that Harley-Davidson will not allow use of the Buell name on motorcycles after the first day of winter.

An agreement with Buell allowed him to sell Buell racebikes until Dec. 21, 2010.

Meanwhile, Erik Buell suggests he’ll build more Buells with different names.

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  1. Erik Buell made a deal with the devil and the devil came back to collect…

    Can someone explain to me the rationale that H-D used to sell MV back to the original owners for $1.00 (after buying it for millions) but simply shut down Buell even when Bombardier had made an attractive offer?

  2. And the Corporate Dick Award goes to……. Harley-Davidson. I wonder if Erik regrets not listening to his lawyer back in the day when his lawyer said the deal with Harley was “indentured service” and not a partnership. Keep fightin the Man, Erik.

  3. Hey James…you know not of what you speak….have you even ever ridden a Harley-Davidson or a Buell. Both pretty impressive motorcycles my friend whether you are into the Harley “crowd” or not, you can’t blame the motorcycle

  4. I wonder when the masses who buy the crap with the hd logo will wake up? Sad. I could understand if it was superior quality or engineering. The reality is that the people I know who purchase hd shit are easily swayed conformists who think hd stands for the rebellion they will never achieve.. Snap out of it. Buell=crap. Harley=crap. Wake up. Look at the actual quality of the product. Stop staring at the wannabe glamour of the brand. We are heading to the bottom by worrying about image instead of quality. Gm is shit. Hd is shit. Make quality and I will buy. Sorry about buell. But that is what happens when gobbled by garbage. Tough.

  5. ….In other news, Harley will be displaying there new models at the motorcycle show. Well actually they are the same as the last 10yrs but with a grey frame!

  6. Greg H,

    They actually reported it correctly. Harley thinks they are so omnipotent and influential that they can dictate the names of the people allowed to ride their fine examples of motorcyling nirvana.

    OK fine, I’m kidding. But I had you going for a minute, didn’t I? 🙂

  7. Thanks Greg (we actually wrote “motocyclists” without the “r”. It’s a new form of motorcycle, available only in France.)

  8. Wow, H-D disallows people named Buell from riding motorcycles??
    That’s harsh! What if they add on an ‘er’ suffix?

    (hint: news should be ‘motorcycles’, not ‘motorcyclists’) :p

  9. Talk about loss of identity

    I will say loud and proud, my 1995 Buell S2 Thunderbolt still puts a mighty big smile on my face. It has flaws, but as everyone around me never fails to point out, so do I. :grin

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