Video teaser for 2011 Dakar


Teaser video for 2011 Dakar.

A Youtube teaser video shows competitors getting ready for
the 2011 Dakar, which starts on New Years Day in South America.

Nearly 5,000 competitors are getting set to take off on the
world’s toughest rally, which runs for 9,000 km through Argentina and Chile, to
the Bolivian and Peru borders, then back towards Buenos Aires.

The 2011 Dakar will be run with motorcycle engines smaller
than 450 cc and manufacturers have met the new, smaller-engine rules with
motorcycles geared for the competition.

KTM will again contest the rally with Cyril Despres and Marc
Coma, who have combined to win the last five Dakars, and other manufacturers in
the rally are Aprilia, BMW, Yamaha, Sherco, Honda, and Beta.



  1. Any comments do not matter here, it (the Dakar Race) represents the pinnacle of most any man’s dreams in life, we all want to do this, but can’t, most of us have real jobs, that suck somewhat, reality is that way. Don’t bitch at the coverage, enjoy it, even if it is not live!

  2. That would be some highlights of the 2010 race… not a video teaser of competitors getting ready for 2011. Unless you always get ready a year before you do anything that is.

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