MV Agusta Canada bound


The F3 may be closer than you think!

In a considerable re-defining of the term “aftermarket”, Canadian parts and accessories giant Motovan has announced that it’s taking on the distribution of MV Agusta motorcycles in Canada 

MV sales director Umberto Uccelli said, “We have finally succeeded in obtaining all of the necessary approvals from the Canadian authorities, therefore the motorcycles can be imported into Canada for the very first time in the history of MV Agusta.”

James Paladino, President and CEO of Motovan Corporation, said, “We are very happy to be associated with MV Agusta so that our passion lives on in our family. To me, this is a tribute to my father (Carlos, founder of Motovan) since he worked on MV Agusta motorcycles in the 1950s from his shop in a little village in Italy”.


James Paladino and Umberto Uccelli confirm the deal. Cheer up James, now all you have to do is find some dealers!

Motovan is currently working on appointing a “small number of high-level dealers” to carry and service the MV brand. Numbers will be very limited initially, and Motovan will be launching a website where buyers can reserve bikes on-line.



  1. Great more outrageous pricing and gouging . I will be a loyal customer of American Dealers because of the pricing structure of this company.

    God Bless the USA.

  2. Great, the company most responsible for the inflated prices on parts/accessories all these yrs in Canada. Expect lofty prices up there with the sillyness of Benelli.

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