New touring Triumph seen


New Trophy has shaft drive, big motor. Photo: MCN

A new touring Triumph motorcycle has been spotted and photographed by MCN in the U.K.

Pictures show a motorcycle with shaft drive and an engine that is different from the Hinckley company’s standard 1050, and rumour suggests that it will be a 1,200 cc motor or larger, in order to compete with other companies’ large sport touring motorcycles, such as the BMW K1300GT.

Triumph is not talking and removed logos from the motorcycle before sending it out to be photographed by spies, but MCN says the licence plate number is a dead giveaway: the bike is owned by the Triumph company.

MCN says the new motor will also be stuffed into a new Tiger that will compete against bikes like BMW’s R1200GS.


  1. That’s a good point RET, the Euro’s do keep developing and updating their lineups and introducing more “daring” or at least interesting products. The big four and HD just seem to be stuck in neutral for the most part.

  2. Wow BMW, Triumph and Ducati just keep updating their line up with more great bikes. No wonder their sales numbers have been maintained or increased throughout the recent [or present] economic turmoil. Each has a bike or two I wish I could buy.


  3. Another Triumph that I can only covet. I kick myself for not being in position last January to get a returned 2009 Tiger with cases for under $9K

  4. I like this. Its about time they started going head-to-head with their competition with similar-sized motors and features like shaft drive.

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