GS Trophy update 7


Daily update by Costa Mouzouris. Pics: Costa Mouzouris.

The missing day.


Lurkers took a toll on machinery; this is the front wheel on my bike.

Yesterday (Day 6) was supposed to be an easy day with a relaxed, scenic transfer to Country Trax, our camp for the night.

But lurkers took a toll on riders and machines. Lurkers are what locals call rocks protruding above the surface of dirt roads, and combined with poor visibility due to dusty conditions they wreaked havoc on rims and claimed one motorcycle.

Brit journalist Warren Pole hit a lurker at about 100 km/h, got into a tank slapper and then hit the ground. The bike slid, bounced off an embankment and sailed into the air. It was totalled by the time it stopped flipping.

Fortunately, Pole sustained only minor injuries to his arm and was able to ride on the last day on a replacement bike.

There were three special tests for the day, but one was forfeited after there was some confusion in the instructions received by riders.

Team Canada managed to hold on to fourth position overall, with 107 points. They were trailing team Nordic and Team South Africa, who were tied for second place with 129 points, and maintaining their lead was team UK with 134 points.

It’s a wrap!


Old-school-cool Pat Horan nails the pole ride with style in the final special test.

Today (Day 7) began with the final and most difficult special test on a course with eight obstacles. Pat Horan, Dominique Lemaire and Brian Kiely combined their riding skills to score 148 points, placing them in fourth position for the test, which combined with a first place for the day’s photo contest (over 2,900 votes!) to nail down their fourth place ranking in the 2010 GS Trophy with 124 points.

Congratulations Team Canada!

Team Nordic finished third with 149 points, Team South Africa follows with 151 points and the winners of the 2010 GS Trophy are Team UK with 152 points.

Excellent work from all involved, look for a complete write up upon my return. Off to the airport now.

Final Ranking

1 Team UK 152 Points

2 Team South Africa 151 Points

2 Team Nordic 149 Points

4 Team Canada 124 Points

5 Team USA 107 Points

6 Team Alps 105 Points

7 Team Spain 101 Points

8 Team Germany 95 Points

9 Team Italy 86 Points

10 Team Japan 54 Points


  1. :roll
    Some say I resemble that too !
    Maybe we should cut you some slack seeing as most are in the midst of Riding Withdrawal.
    Could be some envy that some riders get to enjoy the Other Hemisphere and ride new bikes for free !

    Yhis too shall pass, and I forgive you !

  2. Fair dues to everyone as I guess I was just feeling crusty that day. I love reading about bikes and this website is amazing for spreading the biking word in Canada.


  3. I enjoy your coverage a lot, being far away from us,it was good to have some news from our Canadiens .Congrat to Dominique ,Brian and Patrick, very good job[/b].Merci beaucoup 🙂

  4. Not fair Costa !

    Seems to me that alot was added to your post after I made my comment !

    By the way .. I enjoyed your posts.
    Look forward too your wrap up.
    You were too kind to Ret !
    You should have told him to kiss your arse

  5. Well said Costa. It’s not often we get to celebrate Canadian teams in motorcycle events on an International level and your coverage has been outstanding. Made us feel like we were there with you. Look forward to the full report.
    Congrats Team Canada and RET, well I won’t even bother. You’re not worth the time.

  6. With all due respect RET, you didn’t have to read them. There’s a full write up coming up, you might want to skip that too. 🙂

  7. Congratulations on a great show Team Canada. Hope all the bumps and bruises heal up quickly. Thanks for the great reports Costa. Thanks for taking care of the key goals Patty – come home proud.


  9. Well ..I Never !
    I understand how ball busting and head banging this ride is. Geeze you had to go as far as Africa to find terrain that was challenging enough.
    (Like Canada isn’t rugged ? – You should watch Mantracker)

    But I expect Mr M has landed way too hard cause now he’s sending us kisses ?
    Well I never …expected that!
    Could be he just likes “X”‘s ..
    I know I do !
    Congrats to all our Canadian Riders. We are very proud of all of you.
    Id recommend Costa be placed in the back of the plane home though 🙂

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