iPhone on your bike


It’s a 4gone conclusion, you want your iPhone on your motorcycle.

Apple’s nearly ubiquitous iPhone runs a lot of software that
can be useful to motorcyclists — including some nice GPS programs — but
attaching the expensive phone to a motorcycle’s handlebar has not been a snap.

The Italian engineering firm Evotek has come out with a
device that will allow secure fitting of an iPhone to the round handlebar of a
motorcycle. Called 4Lock, it’s a protective mount that secures the iPhone and
still allows its touchscreen to be used.

There’s a raincover (sorry, it’s not called the 4Skin) and a
fitting for a 12 volt power lead, if your motorcycle is equipped with one. The
handlebar clamp is a universal-size item that should work with all round
motorcycle handlebars.

Amazon in the U.S. sells the item for $35.50 but there is no
Canadian retailer handling it, as far as we can tell. Check out the Italian
website (they have an English version) at www.4lock.eu
if you’re curious.


  1. I am the US distributor for the 4lock, and I believe that this product actually might satisfy your need. In Europe it was tested and appreciated widely. If you pay for the shipping, I will send you one for fre, provided that you send us your feedback/photo/videos with authorization to publish them on our web site. Contact meat loris@evotekus.com if you are interested.

  2. I’ve been looking for a way to mount my old iPhone to my track bike to use it as a lap timer. I don’t think this product will be robust enough for track duty.

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