MotoGP eyes Singapore track


Singapore could be even more beautiful next year!

A new racing facility in Singapore could host a MotoGP round next year.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, the boss of MotoGP, has met with officials in Singapore to look at safety matters and says things are going “smoothly” with the track at Changi Motorsports Hub.

The four-km track at Changi Motorsports Hub is new and is Singapore’s first permanent race track. It will be ready to host events in the spring.

Ezpeleta says he’ll be ready to discuss terms with Singapore officials, including how soon a MotoGP race can be held there, after the FIM gives its approval.

FIM’s road racing chief is expected to go there at the end of the year to give final approval.


  1. Hey singletrack,

    Would you prefer a FIFTH race in Spain? They’ve hit the major traditional racing markets and then some. (Japan, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy x 2, US x 2, Spain x 4) This isn’t an F1 situation where traditional races are being dumped for locations with money. The only questionable race is Qatar, but if the event organizers pay good money, you can’t fault Dorna for that in this day and age.

    In fact, I’m surprised they don’t do more in Southeast Asia. It’s a HUGE chunk of the manufacturers business, and places like Thailand and Indonesia are far more important to them than a backwater like Canada.

    As for a racing tradition, it has to start somewhere. If this inspires a few Malaysian kids to go racing, all the better…

  2. You pay money… we give you race.
    You let tobacco advertise… we give you race.
    We no care if country have grass root racing.
    We no care if country have no National race series.
    We no care if spectator show up. TV camera no show grandstand.

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