2011 Piaggio MP3 City


Fancy a ride into the city, sweetie?

Piaggio’s three-wheeled MP3s have proven somewhat popular, with worldwide sales topping 80,000 units since the introduction of these tripods in 2006.


Piaggio downsizes the MP3 for mass consumption.

Canadians will get a new MP3 model, called the MP3 City (North Americans
appreciate a better name choice than the Euro-spec MP3 Yourban).

The MP3 City is downsized to a more manageable size, sporting a wheelbase that is 100 mm shorter than the MP3 400, now at 1,440 mm (57 in).

Piaggio claims a wet weight of 205 kg (452 lb), down considerably from the MP3 400’s 238 kg (524 lb).

Power comes via a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected 278 cc single with four valves. The manufacturer claims 22 hp and peak torque of 17 lb-ft.

The MP3 City is one of three new Piaggios coming to Canada, we’ll have pricing as soon as it’s available.



  1. I’d ride one of these if I had the dough. Ever since I’ve seen my first MP3 I’ve had but one fancy: doughtnuts in the snow!

    C’mon – what bike could be more Canadian?

    I met a fellow on a ZX10 a couple of years back in Kingston; they were from Ottawa, he was touring with his wife, she on the MP3. According to this guy, the MP3 handles just like a real bike (not a trike) and corners like it’s on rails.

  2. Well done, CiTO!

    Plumbers are responding
    at 07:30 Saturday. I will
    be able to poo and shower
    and wash blood off of area
    rugs and … oh … n/m.

    Ignore that last part …

    One last ride? You may warm
    up/crash here. Watch the weather
    network. I need to get my freak
    on one last time this year.

  3. Hey, Rob, one post was just before my previous post here in the news comments section. The other was a couple of days ago.

    But, I’m starting to think I may just be typing the wrong security code and am too blind to see that.

  4. [quote]Okay. I am officially miffed. Exactly half of my posts since the new format have vanished into the ether. [/quote]
    Are you talking about the soapbox or the comments here? As far as I know there has been no editing out of comments. Could you send any times/titles of missing ones and I’ll see what’s going on?
    Cheers, Rob

  5. Okay. I am officially miffed.

    Exactly half of my posts since the new
    format have vanished into the ether.

    AND, it seems they were the posts I thought
    were funny!

    Does CMG have a comedian modding this stuff?
    Mr. Cleese reckoned they were shyte?

    (Steve? The last one was directed at you. And
    Suzuki. But, mostly, the bird above….)

  6. Okay – hell has officially frozen over. I agree with Andy. Who the hell cares why she’s there or what she’s doing? Just thank your lucky stars that she IS there.

    And Andy – I really don’t dislike you as I’ve never talked to you. I’ve disagreed with some of your posts (as I’ve done with virtually everyone else here). Next time we’re in the same venue, maybe introduce yourself – we’ll talk.

    Still not overly fond of the SV1000 tho. But that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. There’s lots of bikes I’m not fond of.

  7. I don’t get it. Is that girl standing there in the brown mini skirt (holding a leather jacket) supposed to be the owner? Or is she just keeping an eye on the 3 wheeler while her “man” returns with their take orders of gelato and expresso? :roll

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