Moto Guzzi Norge


Moto Guzzi’s tourer is coming to Canada.

Another Guzzi that’s been around for a while but not currently available in Canada is the 1200 Norge. It’s the fully faired sport touring Guzzi that for 2011 will come with the 8 valve motor, that offers a claimed 102 hp (@7,000 rpm) with 77 ft-lb of torque (@ 5,500 rpm).


Available in black too.

There’s also revised suspension, a new one-piece fairing, (with electronically adjustable screen), sportier ergonomics (thanks to a new saddle and lower bars) and a set of new side panniers.

Claimed dry weight is 257 Kg with a seat height of 810 mm (though there is an optional lower gel seat that reduces that by 30 mm). It also comes with ABS as standard.

Oh, and did we say that it will be available in Canada as of early to mid 2011?





  1. Brought in to compete with the likes of the touring Bandit 1250, ST1300, FZ1 Tour? Probably much higher priced? The lack of dealer support will work against it.

  2. Northern Italy? If you’ve got a place to keep one, I’ll provide a motorcycle to put there.

    A Triumph in England? I think not. Not a huge fan except of the 675.

    Now, if someone has a place in the south of France…

  3. Yes they did bring them in for a year or two but not in 2010, thus the non-current ref.

    I’ll also help Blackie put some miles on it if he gets one for Italy. Maybe a Tiger for the UK too?

  4. Uh, it was here within the past two years, and probably available in some dealerships recently. I test rode one.

    Blackie, you should buy one and leave it in a convenient place in northern Italy; I’ll make sure it gets some use.

  5. Its about time they started bringing in functional bikes rather than the recent stylized crap they’ve been trying to pawn off as motorcycles.

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