2011 CBR125R



Smashing new duds for the CBR125R

As we speculated here, we can now confirm that a new CBR125R will be coming to Canada for 2011.

Styling is the obvious difference, heavily inspired by Honda’s CBR600RR and CBR1000RR supersports. Aside from a refreshing new look, the CBR125 gets three more litres of fuel capacity, now at 13 litres, and to ease maintenance the fuel filter has been moved to outside the fuel tank.

Beneath the bodywork is the same, reliable 125 cc fuel-injected engine and sturdy steel, twin-spar frame.

Wheels are wider, up from 1.85 and 2.15 inches front and rear, to 2.5 and 3.5 inches respectively. The wider rims accommodate wider tires, the front now a 100/80-17 and the rear a 130/70-17 (they used to measure 80/90 and 100/80 front and rear). This should improve handling considerably, adding stability and reducing the tendency of the CBR125R to turn in too quickly.

Unfortunately, claimed wet weight is up 10 kg to 137 (302 lb).

Pricing isn’t available yet but the new CBR125R should be priced near the $3,599 of the previous model.




  1. Nice looking, and the bigger wheels are nice, but I’m keeping my modded-to-my-liking 2007 model. I also wonder how many would take this over the new 250, which I think is an impressive little bike …

  2. Honda will have it tough, very tough in 125cc class …. Apparently the new Aprilia 125 RS4 is 264 lbs with a full 3.8 gallon tank of gas. I think this might be the worst news for Honda in this class …

  3. Looks good, but bigger muffler, larger tires I guess leads to 10kgs difference, which on small bike like this might be a deal breaker. Assuming the engine stays identical, the older year will be a better bike for buck. Definitely not nicer, but I know I would not care if I was getting one ….

  4. Yup … don’t get it, can’t see may folk wanting the CBR125 now the 250 is availalbe. I would have thought it would be more logical to have the wonderful proven 125 and then bring in a 350 – 400 cc to step up to …

    But then what do I know 🙂

  5. As soon as I can lay my hands on one, I’ll find out whether the wheels and other assorted bits interchange with the older model.For the price you can pick a used one up for currently, and the amazingly low price of replacement parts, it might be worthwhile to consider going that route (?)

  6. Hmmmm?? Nice lookin’! … but methinks that if the new CBR250R isn’t priced to the stratosphere, then most Noobs will likely be interested in that rather than the CBR125R even if it’s wearing new clothes.
    All in all the brace of new CBR’s being offered by Honda for 2011 will likely depress the used value of previous gen CBR125’s …

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