Europe to ruin everything


European Commission is run by Dr. Evil.

The European Commission is proposing new rules for motorcycle manufacturers that will drastically reduce the ability of owners to make changes to their bikes.

Starting in 2017, all new motorcycles will be equipped with on board diagnostic (OBD) systems that will report a fault when components are changed. Only dealers would be equipped to decipher the OBD codes, so owners would be prevented from improving the performance of their bikes by making modifications.

Also, engine control units, or ECUs, will be sealed, so changes to the fuel supply would be impossible, and exhaust systems would be attached with bolts that a regular owner could not unfasten, if the EC proposals are adopted.

New motorcycles with engine displacements over 125 cc will be fitted with ABS brakes, and smaller bikes will have either ABS or linked brakes.

The EC proposals also would prevent individual countries from setting their own horsepower limits, and set tough emissions standards that would be introduced sometime before 2020. Motorcycles would be required to pass a second test after 50,000 kilometres.

The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations says the EC “wants to prevent or at least to strictly hamper any private technical modifications of the powertrain aimed at improving torque, power or maximum speed.”

But first, a study will be conducted in order to determine whether making modifications to motorcycles actually constitutes a danger to riders, the public, or the environment.


  1. Just more typical social engineering from the people who invented it. Friends and family from Holland tell me all kinds of horror stories like applying to the town council to purchase a house.

    I just hope the nanny-staters here don’t get all fired up at the idea of expanding their domain of influence.

  2. This sounds like a typical proposal that’s put together with no thought for the consequences, intended or otherwise. How about for starters wiping a whole economic sector of after market manufacturers? And of course it won’t work as mentioned above.

  3. Wow…a little nieve of them to think that the “sealed ECU” will stop programmers from figuring out how to override, or trick the ECU…kind of like the “unsinkable ship…the Titanic…”…you know, the one scattered accross the Atlantic Ocean…or maybe the latest security software that always seems to be hacked within hours of being implemented…I’ve also never met a bolt that a zip disc can’t by pass…?? The only people that it will stop are the ones that are just doing because their buddy did…the determined customizer will do it reguardless…I think it will be a waste of time/money

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