Police hover over speeder


From so high up, they look like speeding ants.

A motorcyclist who sped through areas
of Vancouver, B.C., earlier this month was filmed by a police
helicopter and currently faces some serious driving charges.

Vancouver area police had a helicopter
overhead as two motorcyclists sped through Vancouver at speeds over
120 km/h. In North Vancouver, police managed to pull one of the bike
riders over, but the other sped off.

Video of the speeding motorcyclist is
gripping, as the bike runs through crowded areas at what seem to very
high speeds.

Eventually, as the helicopter hovered,
the second motorcycle crashed, and the driver was taken into custody.

Both riders may lose their motorcycles.
See video on the CBC website .


  1. Probabally didn’t know a helocopter was on him or he might have given up long before crashing, or headed for the airport to loose them. :p Hope that a getaway is possible is what keeps them going. Almost all of this could be avoided if we goverened all vehicles to a top speed/displacement but we not there yet.Put a fast machine in anyones hands and your gonna use it eventually. Human nature, we can’t stop from being curious whats inside. Motorcyclists accute sence of their mortality is usually the governer for most of us.Speed? be honest, just don’t cause trouble & pick your moment like you do

  2. What do they need a witnesses for??? They have the video and the idiot crashed at the end … evidence doesn’t get much better than that? Or is he planning to say, no it’s not me on the tape?

  3. I’m typically a “stop telling me I’m a danger to everyone” speeder, but going those speeds in built-up places is insane.

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