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On paper or on GPS, new Backroad Mapbooks issued.

Backroad Mapbooks has come out with new
guides for old-fashioned as well as thoroughly modern riders.

They have new maps on paper, in other
words, and new maps on SD-cards for Garmin GPS devices.

Printed backroad maps are now available
for Manitoba, Kamloops and the Interlakes areas of B.C., Bancroft
Crown land area of Ontario, Campbell River and Strathcona Park in
B.C., and the Chilliwack-to-Merritt area of B.C.

Prices range from $10.95 for the
Chilliwack-Merritt map, which is printed on tear-resistant and
waterproof paper, to $25.95 for a Manitoba map book.

New cards for your GPS device are good
for all of British Columbia (including Vancouver Island); for
Vancouver Island alone, for Alberta, for British Columbia and Alberta
together, and for Ontario.

Prices for SD card maps range from
$69.95 for the Vancouver Island one to $150 for B.C., Alberta, or
Ontario, and $275 for the two-province western one.

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  1. You do know you can get a brand new GPS with brand new maps for less than $200.. Right???

    And any of the many brand/lifestyle/genre type ‘web-groups’ will probably have routes that might appeal to you…

    Just my two-cents…

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