The 2 R's: ridin' and readin'

Whitehorse Press — that purveyor of
all the world’s motorcycling books — has found some new stuff for
you to read.


The Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle
Price Guide 2010/2011 Edition
covers model years from 1901 through

You know you’re gettin’ old when 1995 is Vintage, but this book
is brand new so the info for bike-hunters is current.

"This annual Guide includes comprehensive price data for dozens of brands from the U.S. and around the world, from Ace to Yankee. It covers all models for the years 1901 through 1995. Prices are derived from actual sales between knowledgeable enthusiasts and are given for six quality grades, ranging from rat-bike to like-new."

That’s what they say, anyway. It’s $15.95 at


How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop

Now into its third edition with "tips and tricks for building
and equipping your dream workshop," it’s just the ticket. And if
you don’t have $12,000 for a dream workshop, with this book, you can
always dream about your dream workshop.

"How-to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop starts by helping readers determine their work space and storage needs and create a shop layout that matches their budget.The author then addresses basics such as providing adequate electrical power, lighting, and heat and air conditioning."

Only $26.95, also at


The Upper Half of the Motorcycle: On
the Unity of Rider and Machine

It may be a long title, but this
translation of a much-loved German book draws on anthropology,
psychology, biology, physics, and other sciences to explore the thin
line between rider and motorcycle when the two are operating as,
well, one and a half.

"Viewed through this multidisciplinary prism, motorcycle riding is seen as a uniquely complex activity requiring insight and instincts as well as experience and training for the rider to operate the machine like an artificial limb-as "part" of the rider himself."

Very good then. $29.95 from



The Ride So Far: Tales from a
motorcycling life
by Lance Oliver.

"Whether describing a laid-back, homeward-bound ramble along an
Appalachian backroad, racing non-stop around Lake Erie on a tiny
motorcycle barely capable of reaching the speed limit, or piloting a
Kawasaki Ninja to 170 mph on the surrealistically smooth straightaway
at Losail International Circuit in Qatar, Oliver’s road stories and
ruminations from the garage seek to uncover the essence of what makes
motorcycling so much more than just a way to get from here to there."

We think that about sums it up. $24.95 at

You can download a free chapter of some
of these books at the website.


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