Tiger 800 – more pics


Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, this is the standard, road going Tiger with the 19 inch front wheel (the dirtier XC has a 21 inch front and can be seen below).

At last a full array of studio high quality pics of Triumph’s new Tiger 800 have been leaked allowing us to take a good gander. Sadly the pics do not come with any other info about the bike, so all we can do is post them here for your viewing pleasure, but at least we can now see a little more than a teaser ankle shot!

tiger_800xc_lhs.jpg tiger_800xc_rhs.jpg tiger_800xc_lhs_ride.jpg


  1. It may be a good bike and I look forward to seeing it in person but it really borows too much from the BMW GS line to be very original.

    From the pics it isn’t giving me any reason to abandon my 950 Adventure.

  2. Aw man, they f**ked up my specifications. All they had to do was stick a fairing and hard bags on the Street Triple and it would’ve been perfect. Great ergos, 17 inch wheels for performance rubber, wind protection and luggage.

    Gawd, why don’t they listen?

  3. I don’t know, I was hoping it would look a little better,of course that’s subjective, so many exposed frame tubes, odd angles on the headlight assembly looks like it would be a bitch to clean.

  4. Road bike. They already have the Tiger for that niche.
    Should have made it dirty to at least go after the F800GS/KTM/KLR/DR riders.

  5. It’s interesting how soon the header ‘collects’ together. Does that help with low end torque?

    I like how the sides of the gas tank are protected, I wish my Street Triple had that!

  6. Maybe the Adventure Tourers here can explain the need on the Dirty Tiger, of the faux fender “bill” that seems to mimic the BMW para lever front suspension’s front fender. It is absent from the more road going Tiger. I guess it could deflect a rider ending boulder injury, or with proper applied graphics might just point the direction out of a hell hole for a “stoned” rider.
    Enguiring minds are confused by this appendage.

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