Duke 125 Canada bound?


Canada viable?

It would seem, contrary to what we suggested in our earlier news piece, that the new KTM 125 Duke may be being considered for the Canadian market after all.

That’s a big MAY as it is likely that if KTM USA does not import the bike then the costs to get it tested for North American emissions standards — just for the Canadian market — would kill it immediately.

Question is, if the US did opt to bring it in (thereby making it viable for Canada), how much could they charge for it and would it have to compete directly on price with Honda’s CBR125R, despite being a different class of bike and higher spec’d to boot?

Answers in the comments section please …


  1. Does the fact this bike is made in India by Bajaj make it less attractive to people? As Bajaj now owns KTM I guess we will have to used to Indian made KTMs. Orginally I said I’d buy one if the cost was under $5000, but I am now changing that to under $4000 for an Indian made bike.

  2. I’d like this too… under $5000 would hit the sweet spot.

    Here’s another pic also:

  3. It will not sell well if it costs more that $5000 and even the little kid bikes KTM sells in Canada sell for more than that so it is difficult to see why KTM wouild bother. I hope they do as it would be a great bike.

  4. According to the Cycle Canada article in the August 2010 issue, it will cost a manufacturer roughly $70,000 just for braking and emissions compliance testing. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as well.

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