Canadian bros circle China


Brothers Ryan and Colin Pyle at 5,200 metres in Tibet.

Two Canadian brothers have circumnavigated China on
BMW F800GS motorcycles, traveling 18,000 kilometres and setting a tough record for the longest uninterrupted journey through China.

Ryan and Colin Pyle spent 65 days on their trip, which they
made in order to produce a documentary and show China’s changing face to the

They rolled into Shanghai on Oct. 17 after riding some of
the most challenging terrain in the world. Heavy rains, flooding, landslides,
hailstorms, high altitudes, sand, gravel, a great deal of road construction,
and bureaucratic and military interference didn’t stop them.

They’ll also write a book about their experiences as well as producing a film.

Ryan has spent 10 years in China as a documentary
photographer, while his brother Colin stayed in Toronto and built, then sold, a
currency trading company.

Their book and film will be titled "The
Middle Kingdom Ride."


  1. You can’t overstate how brave these guys must be. I worked in China for a few months, both in Beijing and remote locations and decided it would be a fantastic place for a motorcycle trip except you’d get flattened within minutes. Such is the traffic..

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