New 800 cc V-four Honda


Latest sketch of the Adventure bike.

According to UK’s MCN, Honda has released a sketch of a new VFR800X, a bike the Japanese firm dubs a "crossover".

The last time Honda used the term crossover to identify a machine it was with the short-lived DN-01. Thankfully this time it seems Honda uses crossover to classify the VFR800X because it is said to combine the attitude of a naked bike with the upright riding position and appearance of an adventure-touring machine.

No news if the bike will have a DN-01-like automatic transmission.

Also said to be coming from Honda is an adventure-touring bike using the VFR1200F V-four engine.

Both bikes will be revealed on November 2 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. We’ll keep you posted.



  1. Potentially a great bike from Honda! Ive had many over the last 35 years.It will be very interesting to see if they used the existing 90% V4 engine from currant VFR 800 or the a new 76% motor based on VFR 1200. If it is the latter then we will be given a look into the new line of all out V4 sport bikes coming from Honda in the near future. I would be more than pleased with the existing 90% V4 with upright ergonomics and sport based suspension.The 1200 V4 based adventure bike should be interesting as well as long as one considers it a alternative style touring bike and not a quasi “dirt bike

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