1200GS Triple Black


Once you go black you can’t go back.

BMW have released info on their new limited edition Triple Black R1200GS, prior to its official launch at Milan EICMA in early November.

The Triple Black gets its name thanks to the metallic black paint job, as well as blackened rims and engine … oh, and frame and swingarm.

But that’s not all, the bike also comes equipped with BMW’s premium package that includes ESA, heated grips, hand guards and ABS.

Okay, not ‘hold the presses’ kinda stuff, but it will be avialable in Canada though MSRP won’t be announced until the Toronto Motorcycle Show in December.


  1. That is one weak caption under the picture, boys.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
    “Batman would be proud”
    “This colour doesn’t attract dust. Really.”
    “Three cases of S100 motorcycle cleaner included with purchase.”

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