Millions for Mass motorcyclists


He’s rushing home to check his mail.

A consumer’s complaint about insurance rates has resulted in a
settlement that will send $12.1 million to motorcycle owners in

The state attorney general’s office says five auto insurance
companies will return the money to thousands of motorcycle owners
because the insurers had calculated premiums with values for bikes
that were too high.

The insurance companies include Arbella Mutual Insurance Company,
Hanover Insurance Group, OneBeacon Insurance, National Grange Mutual,
and Norfolk & Dedham Group. Settlements with seven other insurers
earlier this year got $33.8 million back for consumers who were

The attorney general said her office began the investigation
"based on a single consumer complaint."


  1. Wow mxs, you sound like a motorcycle insurance agent! My insurance company doubled my insurance rate because I have a perfect record with no claims and no tickets on a 25 year old wing. That sure sounds like a fair deal to me! How does that sound to you?

  2. What evidence do you have that type of activity is going on here?Canadian (Ontario especialy) rates are high for all kinds of reasons which do not have anything to do with the ones in Mass.

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