2011 Ninja 1000 confirmed



2011 Ninja 1000 will be available in green or red.

We reported on the Kawasaki Z1000SX last week and said we’d keep you informed on its availability in Canada.

The bike is coming here and in North America will be called the Ninja 1000.

Kawasaki has been busy releasing everyday motorcycles in the past few years, among them the Versys, the Ninja 650R, and more recently the Ninja 400R.

Based on the naked Z1000, this latest Ninja model will cater to riders with a preference for litre bikes, offering up 136 hp and 81 lb-ft of torque. 

A couple of CMG testers have ridden the current Z1000 and praised its engine for its massive bottom-end torque, which should make the new Ninja 1000 a great long-distance sport-touring mount.

MSRP is $13,699. You can find more info on Kawasaki Canada’s website.


  1. Why call this a sport tourer? It certainly doesn’t look like one. Just call it what it is — an “everyday sportbike” or a “real world sportbike”. Whatever you call it, I do like it…!

  2. Why do manufacturers constantly come out with bikes that have beautiful lines, then blow it all to hell by attaching a megaphone, where the exhaust should be?

  3. There’s a lot about this bike that really appeals. Everyone cross your fingers that everyone (including our partners in the insurance industry) is in agreement–this is not a ZX-10, this is a sport-touring bike.

  4. If this isn’t a full-on sportbike, why are they calling it a Ninja? Didn’t they learn the first time when they began calling the EX500 a Ninja and the insurance rates went up just because of the name? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Looks like a nice bike though.

  5. Quote – “should make the new Ninja 1000 a great long-distance sport-touring mount.”

    Not with that seat, Skippy. Looks hard and it definitely slopes forward. After 15 minutes or so, the “boys” will be in firm contact with the back of the fuel tank.

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