New 2011 Aprilias


The RSV4 gets traction control and Special Edition status.

There’s one new model and a couple of revamps from Aprilia.


aprilia_dorsoduro_1200_rsf.jpgSupermotos just keep getting bigger!

Okay, so this was released a month ago, but we’ve now got pretty much all the details, which should captivate and enthral all those of you who like your supermotards big.

Using a brand new 1,197 cc, 90-degree V-twin pumping out a claimed 130 hp @ 8,700 rpm (85 lb-ft at 7,200 rpm), the Dorsoduro also comes with Sport (full power, sharp acceleration), Touring (full power, smoother acceleration) and Rain (max 100 hp) mapping modes.

There’s also optional ABS and three-way traction control that works in conjunction with the ABS to offer the rider an experience ranging from hooligan to pensioner.

As is required of all supermotos, the wheels are 17 inchers (for sporty rubber choices), hung by fully adjustable suspension. Dry weight is a claimed 212 Kg (467 lbs).  

No word yet on price or availability.



Biaggio won the WSBK on one (ish).

Added traction control and a new (prettier) exhaust system seem to define this Special Edition of the RSV4.

The traction control is adjustable and Aprilia claim that it can self adjust to different conditions and even to the type of tire you have on the bike (we’ll have to try that with a pair of Cheng Shins). 

The 65-degree V-four has been given a shorter ratio gearbox and the new, lighter pipe replaces the ugly unit that was on there before.

No word yet on price or availability.



Shiver gets sportier.

The new 2011 model gets a more sporty riding position, with a narrower seat (by 2 inches) and new peg and bar positions to suit. The rear wheel is narrow (for quicker turn ins), and  … that appears to be all.

No word yet on price or availability.

Carry on then.


  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to get my mitts on that new 500 lb. supermoto from Aprilia! Though I might hold off cause I’ve been hearing rumours of Triumph making a supermotard out of the Rocket 3. To be called the Supermoretard III. It’ll come in around the 750 lb. mark. Now that’s proper torque. And sufficient weight to hold a line, not like those flighty little motocross bikes that you see doing all those gay flips in the air. By all means let’s keep upping the power on bikes, cause no one can actually use it all now.

    Hoping that the idiot OEMs will choke on their own excess and perish.

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